The Cumulative Effect: ECT’s microstructural damages

This presentation was given at the international “A Disorder for Everyone” annual festival, September 17, 2021. It answers the following questions:

  • ​​Is all ECT the same?
  • ​​Is ECT Safe? Does ECT work?
  • ​​Does ECT cause permanent Brain Damage?
  • ​​Does ECT cause permanent memory loss? 
  • ​​Does ECT cause a repetitive mild traumatic brain injury?
  • ​​Does ECT cause a repetitive moderate traumatic brain injury?
  • ​​Can ECT be considered an acquired brain injury?
  • ​​Does ECT cause an Electrical Injury?
  • ​​What are some of the potential long-term consequences of ECT? 
  • ​​What is low-voltage electrical injury sequalae?
  • ​​What does Dr. Bennet Omalu have to say about ECT?
  • ​​Can ECT damage be seen on a brain scan?
  • ​​What are acquired channelopathies? 
  • ​​What causes ECT damage?
  • ​​What is irreversible electroporation? 
  • ​​Where can I get additional information on support for Life after ECT?
  • ​​If I have ECT for depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, autism, anxiety, chronic pain, sleep issues, schizoaffective disorder, parkinsonism, akathisia or any other diagnosis, what can I expect?
  • ​​What should be included in electroconvulsive therapy’s legal informed consent process?
  • ​​What does the US FDA say about ECT’s long term safety and efficacy?
  • ​​Are medical device manufacturers required by the FDA to warn patients about anything? 
  • ​​How many people get Shock treatment each year?

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